Luciano Cimmarrusti

Hairstylist, Creative Director & Entrepreneur


Luciano is the beating heart of CIMMILU. As the founder, he combines everything his company stands for. He is a hair artist who inspires with his passion, profound skill and style. The personal exchange with his customers is very important to him, because this is how he can become aware of your wishes. He knows how to capture your individuality and how to emphasize it with a suitable hairstyle. His dedication promises you the perfect implementation of your desired hairstyle.

Alexandre Gilbert

Content Creator & Art Director

Alexandre Gilbert is a versatile artist with a passion for dance and hairstyling. He studied at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden, where he received training in various styles of dance, including ballet and contemporary, as well as dance history, music history, art history, composition, choreography, and video making. During his studies and professional career, he had the opportunity to collaborate with international artists, which helped him refine his skills and broaden his horizons.

After spending years searching for the right hairstylist, Alexandre decided to enter the hair industry and create a bridge between hairstylists and end customers. He joined CIMMILU with the mission of making hairstyling accessible to everyone. Through his work on social media, he aims to give back the true value of hairstyling and make the industry more inclusive.