Age Requirement: 16+ Only

We regret to inform you that our services are available exclusively to clients aged 16 years and older. Thank you for your understanding.

CIMMILU stands for beauty and modern elegance.

We combine current trends, artistic creativity and technical knowledge to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Personal exchange is our top priority because true perfection can only be achieved through clear communication.

Our goal is to capture your beauty and complement it with an inspiring hairstyle and/or flawless makeup.

Our hairstyles are innovative and modern. Your hair is our canvas and the scissors are our artistic tool. We pay attention to the shape of your face and head in order to perfectly adapt the haircut to you. Your hair will flatter your contours and highlight your beauty. The health of your hair is always taken into account.

At CIMMILU, you will find out what makes high quality and how it underlines your individuality.


Our philosophy is to offer our customers an individual haircut that accompanies them through their everyday life. Your hairstyle should be beautiful, flattering and practical at the same time. We are confident that we can offer you a beautiful hairstyle that looks flawless for at least 4 weeks. It is important to us to be sustainable in our profession, to strengthen your hair and to emphasize your beauty.

Through our social media, we offer you an insight into the world of CIMMILU.

  • What is our aesthetic?

  • What do we offer?

  • How do we work?

You can find all of these answers in the posts that we publish on social media. So you have the opportunity to watch great videos and photos about hair, make-up and style and to be inspired by our work.

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