We are pleased to be able to offer you our services in the make-up area. Our goal is to show you how to achieve a natural and sophisticated look. The make-up emphasizes your beauty, it should not cover up your beautiful face. Therefore we believe in the philosophy “less is more”. We are happy to help you achieve an elegant and natural make-up look. For special occasions and shootings we also do extravagant make-ups, always making sure that the make-up emphasizes your individual facial features.


We offer the following make-up services in the salon and outside:

  • make-up in the salon
  • 101 Coaching with our professional make-up artist
  • Make-up artist for editorials and shootings on location
  • Our unique make-up chart created by our make-up artist

The Make-up Chart 

CIMMILU offers you a new, innovative and simple way to find your perfect make-up routine: The make-up chart. We show you the way to a handy and beautiful make-up routine.

Are you tired of looking into your full make-up drawer and not knowing how to use all of these great products? We offer you the solution. Our make-up chart should inspire you, help you find a great look for yourself and guide you through your make-up journey. Made for everyone by professionals. Our philosophy is: less is more. With a subtle make-up that highlights your eyes and defines your face, you emphasize your facial features and find a great look of your own.

The make-up chart is made for the ones who wishes to improve their make-up routine. Because it is 100% personalized, guidance is obligatory. We will in a first time go through all the products you have and use. So, make sure to bring everything you have with you.

The Product

The make-up chart is a new, digital make-up guide. It has been created by a make-up artist and the video explains step by step how you can achieve your desired appearance.

The idea behind it is a digital and practical guide for every woman. You buy a finished makeup look, 100% personalized, that suits you and enhances your appearance in every moment of your life.

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