We want to offer you the best, be it in the salon or at home. That is why we place great importance on having different products in our range. Each hair type needs its own care, which is why we offer different products for different hair types.

We only work with products that are free of silicone, sulfate and paraben, because we care about the health of your hair. We are looking for the right product for your hair and always remain open to new products that promote the health of your hair and improve our work in the salon. There are many factors to consider, so we do not offer any “miracle products” that are supposed to be suitable for every hair type. We are testing the new products to determine which hair type, hair structure and hair density the new product suits. The health of your hair is always our top priority.

CIMMILU decided to work with J Beverly Hills, because they offer a complete range of products for professional salons and its clients. The products line offers a complete selection of cleansing, caring, styling and finishing products and a special line for men. J Beverly Hills is a premier producer of hair products that are available only through the finest professional salons.

The CIMMILU team will be happy to advice you about the products at the Fabrikstrasse 15, 8005 Zürich

All the products contain botanical ingredients and essential oils, such as argan oil and aloe vera of the highest quality. These ensure optimal color retention and give the hair a beautiful shine, free of parabens and sulfates. 

All products are produced in the J Beverly Hills House in Los Angeles.

Salt scrub cleanse and hydrating & soothing conditioner

Both products contain the extremely effective Sea-Spa-Complex, a combination of sea salt and algae which hydrate your hair and make it shine. Applied on a weekly basis, the salt scrub cleanse gets rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum on your scalp and thoroughly cleanses your hair. As a perfect complement to the salt scrub cleanse, URBAN ALCHEMY presents the highly effective and extremely nourishing hydrating & soothing conditioner with vitamin B5. The conditioner can be used with any shampoo, making your hair shine, giving it volume and ensuring it looks super smooth.
Our tip: The salt scrub cleanse provides the perfect foundation for preparing your hair at home for nourishing treatments such as masks or Olaplex #3. It enables the hair to absorb the important substances extremely effectively.

The patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use OLAPLEX to restore damaged and compromised hair, or add it to another product to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

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