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We have been active on different platforms from the beginning. 90% of the content you see online is produced by Cimmilu. It is very important for us to have our own voice and to be part of the modern world we live in.

Through our social media, we offer you an insight into the world of CIMMILU.

  • What is our aesthetic?
  • What do we offer?
  • How do we work?

You can find all of these answers in the posts that we publish on social media. So you have the opportunity to watch great videos and photos about hair, make-up and style and to be inspired by our work.

We founded Cimmilu Studio because we wanted to share our experience with social media with others.

We have specialized in the beauty industry and are pleased to be able to offer you a broad range of services. We provide you with an individual content production for your unique products. Our service is tailored to your needs since we want the authenticity of your company to be guaranteed.


Cimmilu Studios offers services ranging from photo and video production to editing. We want your product to reach the right people. That is why we focus on contextualization and information. Content production is just the basis of your content. We produce content at your request, but we would like to point out that you can only get the attention you want by planning and publishing over the long term. We therefore recommend that you continuously expand your social media concept.


We combine our knowledge, our experience and our skills with your ideas and thus offer you a personally tailored service.


If you are interested, please contact us via email or the contact form below.


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